Brief Bio


Dr. Shenell is dedicated to providing compassionate, high-quality healthcare. She recognizes her unique professional and personal position at the intersection of physical and mental health.  More specifically, she leverages her identities (i.e., Southern [Arkansas], cis-gendered, pansexual, polyamorous, formerly married, Black mother living with chronic/invisible illnesses) and areas of expertise (i.e., gender, sexuality, health disparities, ethnic/cultural issues, applied positive psychology) to help her clients.  

Regardless of where people fall on the illness—wellness continuum, chronic conditions evoke many issues: sense of grief/loss, sadness, anxiety, anger/frustration, physical/functional limitations, strained relationships, insurance dilemmas, treatment decisions, and, at times, treatment fatigue.  Folks who wish to reclaim their time (Blessings to Auntie Maxine Waters!) will need support as they grieve, regroup, and recreate their lives in order to foster life satisfaction and meaning DESPITE CHRONIC ILLNESS.  

Dr. Shenell provides expert support to the following:

  1. Women living with chronic/invisible illnesses

  2. Black people living in America

  3. High-performing women age 20+

*Accepting new clients.

Note: Dr. Shenell maintains a small practice in order to provide high quality, personalized services. All clients have access between sessions via secure voicemail, text, and email.