Dear Dr. Evans,
Thank you for your kindness, compassion, and efforts. You are a truly remarkable professional. Best of luck in your future. You’ve helped me a great deal. Best Wishes
— Former Coaching Client
Dr. Shenell is very smart and astute about clinical psychology. Her background and experiences are quite varied, which shows that she is passionate about being the most well-rounded psychologist that she can be. I think she is a very independent person that has the ability to handle things on her own whether it be as a psychologist or a mother. I am very impressed with her guile and think she is a fabulous person.
— Former Supervisor
She enjoys a challenge and will go for it.
— Mother
...Caring and loving. Always thinks of how something might affect someone else before she takes action. She puts herself in other’s shoes which makes her very empathic and understanding.
— Friend